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The New Luxury : Made Local

white shaker stools

What is the New Luxury? It’s not about brands anymore. It’s about exceptional craft that engages the senses. It’s personal. As editor Regina Connell says, it’s “a shift in the way people look at luxury, toward a more meaningful pleasure, and away from traditional symbols of status.”

At BaDesign we have always been driven by designing and creating simple objects and spaces with uniquely rendered materials. Our designs encourage the user to sit quietly and take pleasure in the subtleties.

It turns out we’ve been designing for the New Luxury market all along.

“Whether it’s his tables or his metal shaker stools or his candlesticks, the work is just so damned right. Branden is the kind of person the astute, choosy client should want to have designing and making for them. He’s a perfectionist: hard on himself, harder on his own designs and artisanship. For him, it is about the details: they’re what create the perfect balance and the emotional satisfaction that comes from it.” (Regina Connell, Handful of Salt)

Read more about it here: Decade 15 Magazine, Handful of Salt and Oakland Magazine.

To see a sample of what the New Luxury looks like, join us and 25 other local product designers, artisans, fabricators, and manufacturers this Thursday at Made Local 2014, hosted by the International Interior Design Association.

Made Local
Thursday November 13th, 5:30pm
SPUR, 654 Mission Street, San Francisco

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