The Aardvark in the Room

Aardvark TableUnlike the elephant in the room, the Aardvark is something we do want to talk about. Kat Nouri, owner of Modern-Twist, recently commissioned us to design a dining/conference table for her new Emeryville office. Here’s what happened…

We had been spending a lot of time prototyping and refining our Snick coffee tables. We had also been working on new designs for our PALLETproduct line. Like a late night lab experiment, chromosomes from the two were combined and a new breed of dining table was born. The base is inspired by Snick in its construction and the top is a variation of PALLETform using maple wood from shipping pallets. The silhouette’s likeness to one of the most intriguing ant-eating creatures on the planet is what inspired us to name it Aardvark. We’re happy enough with this beast that we are willing to clone it.

Contact us at for information on pricing or to order an Aardvark for your room!


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Making a Prototype

We have been working on adding coffee tables to the Snick series.  The original is a 48″ square.  The base is patinated steel and the top is made from reclaimed Douglas Fir with a char finish (blog post to come on various finishes).  We also offer this table with a glass top.  However, after studying the original base, we decided that the dimensions used for a solid wood top were not working with a glass top.  When you are designing with simple forms, proportions have to be right.  If we note that proportions aren’t right, we start making prototypes. 

Our prototype process begins by creating numerous drawings, all with subtle varitations of form and proportion.  After narrowing it down to two or three drawings, we start making full-scale physical mock-ups.  The mock-ups are essential to selecting the final dimensions.  With the Snick series, we found that our intuition was right–the table base needed a bit more visual weight when paired with a glass top.   

Having found our golden proportions we recently finished the glass-top Snick: Rectangle.  It can be seen at the new Modern-Twist office/ showroom in Emeryville.  Photos will be online soon.  

Also, check back soon to see our new dining table that combines variations of a Snick base and a PALLETform top.

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Celebration Weekend

Sunset magazine’s Celebration Weekend starts tomorrow (Saturday June 4th – Sunday June 5th) and BaDesign’s Shaker Stool will be part of the Cargotecture installation.   Come see what happens when yellow meets yellow!  (Yellow shipping container and yellow stools.)  Additional highlights include Linea Carta with her fabulous linens as well as chef Rick Bayless from Chicago’s Frontera Grill.  Yum!


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How Many Ways Can You Use a Shaker Stool?

One piece of furniture but so many uses! At the SF Flower & Garden Show in March, we witnessed many interesting alternative uses for the Shaker Stool such as in the above photo (photo provided by J. Hess).  Since we have children similar in size to the boy in the photo, we were quite pleased to see that we could haul our kids around in a stool.  Simply flip and voila,  an instant carrying case.  For poolside views of the Shaker Stools, click here.

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Design + Wine Closing Soon

If you haven’t seen How Wine Became Modern: Design + Wine 1976 to Now at the SFMOMA, you have a few days left to get there.  The exhibition closes on Sunday April 17th. 

Terroir Wall from process to product.

We worked closely with the project architect Ilana Altman of  Diller Scofidio + Renfro to produce the  majority of the steel pieces in the exhibit.  After interviewing other Bay Area studios, DS + R selected us for the project stating that our finishes reflected the look –somewhere between industrial and boutique–that they wanted to create for the exhibit.  It is satisfying to know that not only the architects have taken notice.  We have heard from various sources that people have been wondering how some of the pieces were created and, in particular, how the patinas were achieved.  Even larger structural pieces, e.g. the 24′ beam that supports the smell wall, adorn our signature finishes. 

The vine graft was a piece where the combination of our attention to detail and diverse fabrication experience was particularly useful.  Altering the original design where necessary we had to put standard fabrication principles aside to achieve the effortless suspension that the piece portrays.  As with the majority of our projects there is significant consideration and labor behind constructing a simple and elegant form as found in the vine graft. 

Overall, How Wine Became Modern is an interesting portrayal of how the wine industry and design have influenced one another.  The exhibition is not slated to travel so go see it while you still can!  Cheers.

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BA DESIGN on Design*Sponge with the Modern Homestead

Despite the torrential downpour and high wind advisory in the Bay Area yesterday, the weather improved today.  Considering that the Modern Homestead is the only outdoor exhibitor, some sun would be nice. 

Studio Choo created the flower arrangements for the Modern Homestead and posted some photos and more on Design*Sponge: We Like it Wild.  If you haven’t braved the storms and made it out to San Mateo as of yet, you can get a sneak preview of a few of our furniture pieces on their blog.

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San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

BA DESIGN is preparing for the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show.  Come see us with Star Apple Edible Gardens  from March 23-27 at the San Mateo Convention Center.

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